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Get our guide to resolving the trust issues in the jewellery industry with the globally-recognized accreditation of HRD Antwerp.

Consumers come to you for expertise and excellence, but lingering doubts can slow down their purchase. Show consumers they can shop confidently and retain the long-term trust that keeps them coming back.

Everybody wins when we unite to defend honesty and transparency in the jewellery industry. Get the seal of approval from us as your expert independent third-party grading partner.

Amid increasing fraud in the jewellery industry, knowing that you’ve got the real deal in your display case is priceless. Secure peace of mind and a value-add for your inventory with each HRD Antwerp Grading Report. 

Align with a global partner for industry integrity. 

Showcase Trust & Transparency

Responsibility is high on the priority list for your customers, a trend sparking retailers like you use to rethink your sales strategies to ensure transparency. You’re already a reputable retailer, but what can you do to continue fostering trust with your buyers? 

Natural Diamond and Jewellery Certification from HRD Antwerp give you the competitive advantage of demonstrable credibility, strengthening trust at every stage to put your clients at ease and your veracity in the limelight. And since we know you already have a reputation for reliability with your clients, we’re inviting likeminded jewellers like you to join us in our quest to celebrate integrity in the jewellery industry. 

Strengthening Consumer Confidence

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